Network Infrastructure and Data Centers

An important, yet frequently overlooked, consideration when choosing a Web and Email Hosting Provider is the quality and physical location of its network infrastructure.

With SGHost, we understand the importance of network uptime because whenever the network is down, you are losing revenue, business opportunities and confidence of your customers and site visitors. Therefore we invested in enterprise-grade hardware and first-grade network to ensure your sites perform smoothly and quickly

SGHost has currently established direct network peering in Singapore with tier 1 network providers – Singtel, PCCW and M1, thus making us one of the best connected hosting provider in Asia.

Singtel Internet Exchange (STiX)ents.

STiX is a leading provider of Internet Transit service and operates on a highly-meshed international Internet backbone spanning across Asia, US and Europe. Launched in 1998, STiX is the first regional Internet backbone network in Southeast Asia and operates one of the largest IP networks in the Asia Pacific.

STiX owns an expansive global backbone capacity and has established extensive peering connectivity with major Internet transit and content providers in Asia, Oceania, US and Europe. STiX has established private peering arrangements with incumbent carriers and ISPs in the Asia Pacific and has connectivity to multiple Tier.One networks and major content providers worldwide. Ranked as one of the most connected Internet Transit networks in the world, STiX provides high performance, redundancy, reliability and scalability, all backed by Service Level Agreements.

SingTel Internet Exchange(STiX) Advantages

Low Latency

• Direct connectivity to more than 30 countries in South-East Asia, North and South Asia, Middle East

• Oceania, Europe and North America

• Well-established peering arrangements with major providers in the Asia Pacific

• Fast connectivity to SingTel's Pan-Asian Data Centres – EXPA

Direct Access to Rest of the Internet

• More than 230 peering partners

• Direct connections with Tier One carriers, incumbent ISPs

• Direct connections with key content providers

• Connectivity to key public peering exchanges worldwide, including HKIX, JPIX, PAIX, Los Angeles, Equinix Internet Exchange, LINX

Congestion Free Network

• SingTel-owned backbone for Intra Asia, Asia-US, Asia-Europe

• Total backbone, peering and transit capacity in excess of 100Gbps

Assured Reliability & Performance Stability

• Points of Presence (POPs) are hosted in telco-grade facilities

• Added network diversity as network links are implemented on different cable systems, includingAPCN2, C2C, i2i, SEA-ME-WE 3, SEA-ME-WE 4, China-US cable network, Japan-US cable network, Unity and Southern Cross for diversity

• Multiple upstream connectivity through different peering and transit arrangements